UK Gambling Commission regulations and requirements on marketing to Netherland and Denmark

Dear Partner,



We would like to inform you that due to recent changes made by the UK Gambling Commission, we are obliged to take stricter measures in relation to the following:

a)      Notify all our advertising partners that promoting our websites on copyright infringing websites is strictly prohibited; and

b)      Take appropriate measures to monitor and enforce this prohibition including clear provisions in the event of non-compliance

Due to the vast nature of digital marketing and in order to continue working with us, these new regulations give you a role to assist and ensure that marketing activities are compliant.

To confirm the rule:

Placing ads and banners – or any other type of promotion related to us - on copyright infringing websites of any kind is strictly prohibited and you must take all possible measures to ensure that our brands are never promoted on such websites.

In practice, this means the following for you:

1.       Review and monitor the list of websites you intend to use to promote our brands

Either manually review the websites on which you intend to use to advertise our brands and services, or use tools that can identify copyright infringing URLs. You are also required to proactively exclude copyright infringing websites, identified from available sources online. URLs on which you intend to advertise our brands and services must be reviewed by you in advance and monitored frequently.


In the UK, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has created and regularly updates an “Infringing Website List” of sites that are promoting or allowing unauthorized access to copyrighted material. We strongly recommend that you sign up to access this list by following the instructions here and continually refer to it in your monitoring processes.


2.      Remove any Mansion ads from copyright infringing URLs when you realise that this has occurred, or upon request by Mansion.

Remove all promotions and ads related to Mansion’s brands from the copyright infringing website and ensure that the URL and its subdomains are excluded for all Mansion related promotions.


3.      Ensuring that this applies to the same extent, to your publishers, suppliers, sub-affiliates, etc., when they promote Mansion brands.

Take all possible legal and technical measures, including back-to-back agreements, to ensure compliance.


We must advise that, as per the new Licence Requirements, failure to comply or to be able to demonstrate compliance with these requirements may result in:

·         Suspension or withholding of payments related to the promotion

·         Submission by us of information related to you, or your business activities (to the extent required from us) to local or government authorities, or any other authorized 3rd parties.

·         Termination of your agreement with us, without further notice.

Please further note that copyright infringement and commercial relationships with websites that promote such copyright infringement or allow unauthorized access to copyrighted material, is a crime under international treaties and is subject to harmonized rules in the European Economic Area. While there are specific measures mentioned above that must be taken in relation to UK-facing activity, reasonable best efforts to avoid the use of such websites to promote Mansion brands in all countries and markets should be made at all times.


In addition to the above, we would like to remind and reinforce the requirements in relation to marketing to customers located in the Netherlands and Denmark.

Mansion brands must never be promoted on sites that:

-          Have a .dk or .nl domain ending

-          Have content in the Danish or Dutch language

You are required to review and monitor the list of websites you intend to use to promote our brands and ensure that they confirm to the above. You will be required to remove any Mansion ads that are being promoted on sites that do not conform to the above upon discovery by yourself or notification by Mansion. Please also ensure that the above applies to the same extent to all your publishers, suppliers, sub affiliates etc., when they promote our brands.

Our goal is to continue to work with you and maintain our business relationship, so if you have any queries about the above, please call or email your account manager at any time to discuss the best way to work together to ensure we continue our profitable activities while still complying with the regulations.

By continuing to participate in Mansion’s affiliate network, you agree to abide by the above rules of engagement. Please do speak to us urgently if you consider that you are not able to work with these rules.

Yours sincerely,


Mansion Group iAffiliates

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