Your dream vacation is just a player away!

On November 1st, iAffiliates will hand you the opportunity to win a vacation of your choice. Fancy a week in Rome? Or a shopping trip in New York? How about sun-tanning in Thailand, or beach-hopping in Miami? Boost your traffic between November 1st and December 31st and YOU could choose where to go!

The winners will receive:

  • Two round-trip tickets to the winner's destination of choice. (The prize destinations appear in the image below.)
  • 5 days/4 nights in a luxury hotel suite.
The Loyalty Club promotion runs from November 1st to 23:59 December 31st, 2015.

How to compete:

  • Affiliates are divided into 4 groups - A,B,C, and D - based on their monthly average of qualifying players, or 'baseline'. All active affiliates are automatically entered into a group.
  • Affiliates need to increase their monthly player count to reach a certain target increase and beyond. Each group has its own traffic target to reach for each of the two months of the competition. You're awarded a different number of points for each qualified player earned up to your baseline and beyond, during the competition.
  • Affiliates keep track of their points and their traffic target on their personal iAffiliates page
The affiliate with the most points in each group, who reaches the group minimum prize threshold, wins a trip to a destination of their choice!

  • The winning affiliate from each group can pick a destination from one of three prize categories, based on their point's total. Click here to see your group, your points so far, and how many points you need for each prize category..
  • The winning affiliate who reaches their group's minimum prize threshold wins a trip from the silver group; a higher level of points gets you into the gold category, and a higher amount, the platinum category.

The winners of the competition will be announced on Facebook and Twitter by January 30th and contacted privately via email or telephone.

New to iAffiliates? You can still participate! Talk with your account manager or contact to ensure your points are tracked.

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Terms & Conditions
  • The Loyalty Club Promotion period runs for 00:01 November 1st to 23:59 December 31st. Qualifying players accrued after this period will not be taken into consideration for calculating promotion points.
  • In order to be eligible to win the promotional prize, the participant must be a registered affiliate with the iAffiliates affiliate program with active accounts - i.e. who have brought at least one qualifying player in the past six months.
  • Previously registered but inactive Affiliates who begin sending traffic during the competition will be eligible, but must contact their account managers to ensure their points will be tracked. A ‘qualifying player’ is a player who has registered and made the minimum deposit (as specified by each affiliate) in the casino.
  • Players will be divided into four groups at the start of the competition depending on the average amount of players they accrued since the beginning of the 2015 calendar year. Affiliates can see which group they are registered in with their personal details. The placement of players into groups is calculated by and the decision is final.
  • To win, affiliates in each group must increase their monthly average of qualifying players by a specific percentage amount, (also known as the 'traffic target)' in order to try and gain as many points as possible from the qualifying players that they bring in, during the promotion period.
  • Points are given out according to the percentage of the affiliate's traffic target reached by the end of each month of the competition. The point targets are monthly; affiliates have two months to accrue as many points as possible.
  • At the start of the second month of the competition the points system begins anew.
  • At the end of the second month, competition points from both the first and second month are added together to give affiliates their final score.
  • A different system for awarding points applies to traffic from Please see below for details.
  • Each group has its own traffic target to reach during the competition, as well as its own specific Terms and Conditions. Affiliates can see their individual group's terms and conditions here.
  • Master Affiliate Accounts, i.e. an affiliate who earns revenue when a sub-affiliate brings in qualifying players, and Flat Deal accounts are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Please speak to your account manager if you are uncertain of your status and eligibility.
  • The winner of the Loyalty Club Promotion per group will be the entrant who earns the most points during the promotion period and reaches at or above the minimum threshold for their group as advertised in their group Terms and Conditions.
  • The point scale is based on the percentage increase from the average amount of qualifying players brought from the beginning of the 2015 Calendar Year. This average is the affiliate's 'baseline'.
  • The target of each group is to increase their average number of monthly qualifying players by a certain percent (i.e. the 'traffic target) above the baseline for each month during the competition.
  • For each qualifying player accrued up to the affiliate's baseline, the affiliate receives 500 points; players accrued up to 25% of the additional traffic target percentage are worth 625 points; players accrued from 50-75% of the additional percent are worth 875, and players accrued from 75% of the additional percent and up are each worth 1,000 points.
  • All players from, whether below or above the affiliate's baseline, are worth 600 points. For example, a player from Jackpotland who contributes towards reaching the affiliate's baseline is worth 600 points instead of 500, and a player from Jackpotland who is part of the 20% traffic target increase is also worth 600 points.
  • The affiliate who accrues the most points in each group, at or above the group minimum point threshold, wins a trip to one of the destinations in one of three prize categories – silver, gold, platinum – based on the number of points reached. The threshold to choose from the silver, gold and platinum categories vary per group and can be found on the individual group Terms and Conditions
  • The list of destinations is shown on the Loyalty Club Promotions page above.
  • A winning affiliate may choose their destination from the category they reached or a lower one only; thus, a winning affiliate who reaches the platinum category may choose a destination from any category; a winner who reaches gold may choose a gold or silver destination, and a silver winner may only choose a silver destination.
  • If no affiliates from a group reach the minimum winning threshold for their group, there will be no winner from that group.
  • The winners of the iAffiliates Loyalty Club Promotion receive 2 economy class round-trip travel tickets to the destination of their choice from within the category which their final score makes them eligible to choose from.
  • The prize includes 5 days and 4 nights in a luxury hotel chosen by iAffiliates (hotel to be determined).
  • The winners' departure and return arrival airports will be decided at iAffiliate's discretion based on the location of the winner.
  • The winners may choose a time for the trip between March 1 and May 31st 2016. Winners have complete discretion on the date of their prize holiday within this period, excluding all Easter holidays and Easter Weekend. If, for reasons beyond iAffiliates' control, the desired date for the holiday is not possible, iAffiliates will work together with the winners to book an alternative date.
  • The exact time of flight and airline will be decided at iAffiliates' discretion in conjunction with the winner, always based on availability and price of related tickets.
  • If, despite the best endeavors and due to reasons beyond iAffiliates' control, iAffiliates is unable to secure the preferred flights for the winner, the winner may either choose another date between March 1 and May 31st or a different prize destination from among the destinations in his or her winning category.
  • iAffiliates also has the right to extend the March 1 to May 31 2016 window within which the trip must be booked, by 2 months (to July 31 2016) if they are unable to make appropriate reservations during the allotted window.
  • If required, despite the best endeavors, iAffiliates reserves the right to change the prize to a destination of equal value.
  • iAffiliates reserves the right to terminate or disallow the participation and/or cancel any winnings of those who act in violation of these terms and conditions.
  • In the event that we determine, at our sole discretion, an affiliate to be engaging in fraud traffic, iAffiliates reserves the right to disqualify the affiliate from the competition.
  • The competition winner will be informed via email or a telephone message and will be announced by January 30th, 2016.
  • The winner will be contacted via the email address or telephone number with which he or she registered with iAffiliates affiliate program. It is the affiliate’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has access to his phone and email on the day of the announcement.
  • The winners agree to participate in this event and may also be asked to participate in, or have his details and/or photographs released, as part of promotional or marketing activity relating to this competition.
  • Unless as expressly provided for in these Terms and Conditions, no cash redemption is allowed for the prize. The prize is non-transferable.
  • In the case of a tie, the winning entrants will be placed in a draw, with one winner being picked.
  • If the winner of the prize is unable or unwilling to claim the prize by January 29th 2016, then the affiliate with the second highest amount of points will be deemed the winner, then the third highest amount of points, and so on, until a winner able to claim the prize is found.
  • Winners must notify iAffiliates with their desired destination and flight dates no less than 45 days before the desired departure date. The later the notification, the greater the chance that the preferred dates and/or location will be unavailable.
  • All decisions made by are final.
  • This promotion is brought to you by, for questions or queries please contact
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